The day we went to New York City was very exciting, we all piled in the car to make our way to Kleinfelds in the snow. Margo was so excited it was nice for her to get a break from treatments and really do something to help her feel more like a bride. She really hadn’t given us much of an idea as to what she wanted for the dress other then she wanted it to be appropriate for the beach. As we parked the car and got ready to go into Kleinfeld’s I could tell that something had changed. Margo was the type of person that could talk and make friends with anyone she just had a way about her that made people of all ages feel comfortable with her. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that she was anxious about taking her hat off. She would be Kleinfeld’s first bald bride and while she had no problem taking her hat off around all of us this was different this was national television with people she had never met.

            We walked into the store and got our microphones put on, walking in there was a sea of white everywhere. You forget the simplicity of the color until it surrounds you.  As we waited for our consultant to come out we looked around and I could see the smile on my sisters face begin to fade, the anxiety of what was coming up and the expectation that people had for her was really difficult. I told her not to worry that she could leave her hat on and we would love her either way. I wanted her to enjoy this experience not to find it a day filled with anxiety. They took Margo back to interview her and get things all set up. Her consultant came out and introduced herself to us; you could tell that she was also emotional about meeting Margo. There were few people that we encountered that didn’t get emotional about Margo, after all seeing a 24 year old with cancer is not something that you are used to.

            Before we knew it we were all sitting on the couch waiting for her to come out in her first dress. The first was elegant and beaded it was form fitting and other then her missing her hair you could not tell that she was sick at all. The dress was stunning but was not something that you would wear on the beach so it was back to the drawing board. The next dress she came out in was more of a princess dress but I could tell by the look on her face that this wasn’t the dress. She had not gotten that wow moment that she wanted so desperately. As she came out in the third dress we tried to think of ways that would make her feel less anxious about not having her hair. We decided to put on the tiaras, I looked at mine and it had the hefty price tag of eight thousand dollars. It was worth the moment that she came out and laughed at us then we put one on her head. These are the types of moments that I want to remember with my sister not the doctor’s visits or days we spent in the apartment because it was just too much for her to have to get out of bed that day. I wish that we could have the opportunity to create more of these memories but unfortunately her life was taken all too soon and I am left to try and make these memories happen with other people. Truthfully I know and so does everyone else that they cannot replace her.

            The third dress that she was wearing was so obviously the one. She had a smile from ear to ear and you could tell that she loved the dress. It was a sweetheart neckline, with tiers of toile it was stunning she was the most beautiful bride and you could see her happiness everywhere.  Finally the words “are you saying yes to the dress” came out of the consultants mouth Margo looked at all of us and said “Yes this is my dress”. It was so exciting Margo got to have a day without being the cancer patient and for that day get to focus on being the bride and her upcoming nuptials. All of the people and camera crew fell in love with Margo they were all touched by her story and thought that everything she had gone through was truly unbelievable. They told us if they could they would give her the dress for free but that they weren’t aloud to do that. We got back in the car and were all exhausted after a day in the city but were happy at our success. Margo’s episode of Say yes to the dress will air Friday February  8th at 9pm on TLC. Please join with us as we get to relive this fairy tale and hear our beautiful Margo’s voice.



  1. Hilliary · · Reply

    Can not wait to see that beautiful smile, wish she was sitting between us

  2. Beautiful, inspirational girl!

  3. I just watched the episode and I was truly touched by Margo’s story and her strength and she looked absolutely beautiful and when they announce that she had past away my heart dropped and I immediately started to search to web and to see if it was true or not, until I came upon this blog. I truly sorry for your loss and pray for your family during this difficult time and I thank you for sharing her story and she really inspired me to love and live each day. May God bless you!

  4. I just watched this episode and saw the ‘In Loving Memory’ tag on the end and about had a heart attack. I’d just seen this beautiful story and was so inspired then felt that come crashing down. I tried to get information online, but there wasn’t much out there yet. I saw this blog, but couldn’t find a post that spoke specifically about what happened. With each one talking about Margo in past tense, I realized I hadn’t been mistaken. I’m so sorry for your loss. Margo truly was inspiring to everyone who watched Say Yes to the Dress.

  5. Sherry Cohen · · Reply

    Just saw the airing of TLC’s “Say Yes to The Dress” with Margo smiling and wearing the wedding dress of her dreams and the marriage ceremony she celebrated with Derek in front of family and friends.She was a very speial person and a gift to those who loved her and knew her. Her loss is
    devastating and can only offer her husband and family comfort with the memories you have. May she rest in heavenly peace.

  6. She was absolutel beautiful! And I was so stunned when the In Memory Of Margo popped up. I hope her family enjoy and are healed by the beautiful memories I know this beauty left behind. God bless, to you all…

    1. I meant absolutely! So sorry.

  7. Just watched the program & was so sadden to learn at the end that she is gone. What a beautiful young woman & bride. My sincere condolences to her husband, beloved family & friends. Thank you for sharing her lovely spirit with the program’s audience. You all remain in my thoughts this evening.

  8. I loved the episode and thought that Margo was simply beautiful. She had a very special smile and looked gorgeous on her wedding day. I was shocked to her the ” in Memory” picture at the end of the episode and looked her up on the Internet. Happy to have found this blog and praying for the family.

  9. Samantha · · Reply

    I just finished watching Margo’s episode. I almost screamed when I saw the rest in peace photo at the end. I had no clue she was taken from this earth so soon but am so glad she was able to walk down the aisle in a dress ALMOST as beautiful as she was. My heart breaks for you, your family, her husband, and all who knew her. This truly makes me want to really value all I’ve been given in life. I pray I live each day to the fullest because Margo inspired me and showed me it can all be taken away so fast but you have to fight and remain positive no matter what. You’re in my heart and my prayers Margo.

  10. I saw the episode tonight, I have to admit when they did the “in memory of” it hit me like a ton of bricks. I googled Margo’s name and read everyone’s blog. I kind of had to figure out how she went from being so hopeful about having treatment behind her to losing her life. I read through everyone’s blogs. I am sorry you lost your sister, she was a glorious soul and it is just not fair. I hope you enjoyed the episode. It was nice she had that day of just getting to be a bride.

  11. Michelle Dechon · · Reply

    Your sister’s story truly touched my heart and I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful young lady. Thank for sharing her with the rest of the world. Life here is a little more dim but rejoicing for the bright light she brought to heaven with her. Please send my deepest condolences to the rest of your family and her preciuos husband Derek

  12. I just saw the episode of Margo in say yes to the dress. I was thinking how beautiful she looked and how positive she was. Then I was in shock when the episode ended and realized she pass away. I am so sorry for your lost. I wish she could have made it.

  13. Me and my 11 year old daughter just got done watching Say Yes to the Dress as we do every Friday night. We both thought your sister Margo looked so pretty and she had such a good spirit about her. Your family was so sweet too, you could tell you all loved her very much. I was so glad we got to watch her wedding and her young groom was so sweet and cute. You could just see how much he loved her. And Margo looked gorgeous of course. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the memorium for Margo at the end of the show. I just touched my hand to my heart and was so saddened to be quite honest. I just want to say thank you to you and your family, including Margo’s husband, for sharing Margo’s special day with us. I am glad my daughter got to watch such a strong and courageous woman. Thank you for your blog, I found it tonight after the episode aired. God Bless you and your family.

  14. kim king · · Reply

    thank you do much for sharing a private but joyous moment of your sister’s soul!!!! I can tell you guys were lucky to have her. I am always amazed by the grace show by those under the most strain!!! Your family derserves much praise for helping Margo celebrate her life!!!! I am sure ther will be children in your family who will tell amazing stories abiut their Aunt Mrgo who watches over them!!!! Bless you all!
    Kim king

  15. I just watched this episode and your sister did indeed, look like a princess – you could also tell she was surrounded by love.

    I am so sorry for your loss amd the young man who married her must have loved her so much. I wish you all Godspeed.

  16. I just watched the episode for the 2nd time because I just didn’t want to believe what I had seen at the end really was about Margo. I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you can find peace. She was truly beautiful and looked amazing on her wedding day. I am so glad she got to experience all of that and feel surrounded by all the love. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. I, too, watched Margo finding her special dress last night on SYTTD. A special woman, a special man, a special family. She was beautiful inside and out.

    I connected because I lost my husband very unexpectedly when he was 29 years old. Later in life, I faced the scares of breast cancer but survived.

    Your energy devoted to making something good happen out of something bad is wonderful. Margo would be proud.

    For those left behind, I can most certainly tell you that she will always be with you in your heart and mind. While right now, it seems not enough, as years go by you will find it comforting and amazing. My Ron died 22 years ago. While I wish he was still here beside me in the physical, he stays with me in my heart and my mind and it is a good thing.

    Life goes on and we make of it what we want. You all are doing a fantastic job of keeping Margo’s energy alive through your good deeds.

    Please count me in as your non profit solidifies.

    Bless you and may God continue to keep your family together in purpose and strength.

    Remember, love never ends.

  18. I always watch Say Yes to the Dress. The smile, strength and energy Margo exhibited made watching this episode one of my favorite. She made such a beautiful bride, simply glowing. Seeing the memorium at the end of the program found my heart in my throat. Please know how much I was touched by Margo’s story and I thank you for sharing her with all of us. I hope all the memories you have give you strength and remind you often how special she was.

  19. I lost my brother at 18, I’m 43, it still hurts sometimes. There are good years, months and weeks and mostly some bad days where you think what if. Kids, life’s moments. How would you life be different if they were here. Got wammied at 42 with cancer. Just finished chemo, rad, 2 surgeries at Sloan, got some permanent damage that requires daily maintenance for life but a clean first scan. Trying desperately to get back to some level of normal. Live some days just fine, others have panic attacks. Spend my days trying not to think about it but today while my grandbaby was sleeping I thought Say Yes to the Dress, that’s a safe show (almost every show somehow incorporates cancer. Funny how you only notice when you have it or are fighting with someone). I watched with joy as your sister tried on her dresses and loved that her hair grew back just enough for the special day but the end shocked me. I mean jaw dropping down to the floor, literally couldn’t close my mouth for a whole three minutes, dropped my fork from the food that I just couldn’t eat anymore, shocked me. I’ve been crying quite a while now. Can’t seem to stop. I don’t know how you’re getting through it. I remember the first year being the hardest. I’ll pray for you guys to find peace and strength. Pray for time to pass quickly enough for the pain to pass and yet not so quickly that you don’t enjoy your life. We have the special privilege of knowing the value of each and every day in the cancer world. I’m just going to keep crying. I don’t think sometimes you realize how much cancer just keeps on going in your heart until something catches you off guard like a beautiful young girl in a wedding dress and the tears just don’t stop. All of my love and prayers for you guys. Live each day to the fullest is the most cliche line ever and yet it has so much value.

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