Say Yes to the Dress

Going into Friday with Margo’s episode of Say yes to the Dress was a mix of emotions. I remember so clearly our trip to New York City in search of the perfect dress. I never doubted my sisters courage and strength and the day that we went to Kleinfelds she continued to show this. Margo had never taken her hat off in front of all these people and for many of us it was our first time seeing her without hair. As we sat on the couch and waited for her to come out in dress one I thought to myself how I had imagined what the day would be like when we would go to get her wedding dress. I always pictured it being so fun; all of us girls with all of our opinions but none of them mattered because she knew what she would want all along. When she came out in her dress I remember getting tears in my eyes and realizing that my sister was the strongest person that I knew. She didn’t care what other people thought she wanted to show women everywhere that bald is beautiful.

            We all gathered at my Aunt’s house on Friday and got ready to watch Margo’s episode.  I was a mixture of emotions this was bittersweet. Margo and I had talked about the episode that her day would air and what we would be doing but I was devastated that she wasn’t there with me to watch. I was excited to get to hear her voice and see her beautiful smile but none of this would suffice actually having her there. Another reason that I was excited was to see all the dresses I remembered a few of them but not what they all looked like. Each of us had different feelings about Friday we wanted to see her and hear her voice but this was only a little something to fill the hole that we all had in our hearts, none of which would ever be able to be filled.

            As we all sat there and waited for the episode to air, we saw that she would be on an episode with a mother of quadruplets. This was difficult for all of us because during treatment Margo had her ability to have children taken away from her and to see a mother that was blessed to have four at once could not have been more different of a story line then what Margo was going through. I had to let this go though and focus on how happy my sister was the day we went to New York. Cancer wasn’t going to scare her away from having the wedding of her dreams she was going to look cancer in the face and say I am having the wedding of my dreams no matter what screw you, you can’t take that from me. Margo was amazing throughout the episode she was positive and smiling she said things that showed just how strong she was such as “courage is my only option”. She showed us that she wasn’t going to give her life up without a huge fight and she was ready to go to battle.

            In each dress that Margo came out in she was more beautiful. Here was this young vibrant 24-year-old girl with no hair and all you could focus on was the beauty of her smile and the positive attitude she was constantly eluding. There was something about that fourth dress she came out in I could see in her eyes that this was her dress this was the dress that made her feel like a princess and that she would marry her best friend in. As we listened to her say yes to the dress her smile was contagious for all of us. She was happy for this day she was able not to focus on cancer but to have her day of being a bride. 



  1. Erin Tague · · Reply

    Watching margo on friday was an amazing experience. Being able to hear her voice and see the beauty in her smile was so comforting . I cant put into words how beautiful she looked or how i felt watching her walk down the aisle. The words in these blog entries are so beautiful and heart warming

  2. Well said honey, we can finally replace that horrible image of her last day with that beautiful, vibrant smile and the spirit she displayed Friday night, that is what I will see forever.

  3. Hillary, thank you for your post, I agree with you, now we can replace that last day, with a smile when we think of Margo, how stunning Margo is, so beautiful, she had all positive
    thoughts, she is my hero, I enjoyed seeing Margo, hearing her voice, making Britnee and I cry and smile. God bless Margo, I can picture her in heaven, hugging and loving alot of little people, and feeling better. Good job on the blog Blaine, I admire all you girls, such an inspiration!

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